Rental conditions

Requirements for tenant
The tenant must have valid pasport and B category driving licenses.
The driver must have at least 3 years of driving experience and be at least 25 years old.
The tenant who made infringement of traffic or other regulations during rental period takes whole responsibility and after returning the campervan. 

The rental period starts from the day indicated in the vehicle handing over-receiving document.The rental contract becomes valid after receiving money on account of 500 Litas, which guarantees that the lessor will not rent vehicle to other client or use in another way. 

Receiving and returning the campervan
The campervan is handing over and returning on agrred time and place.The rental price includes:
-  rent of the campervan
-  full CASKO insurance including 1000 Litas franchise
-  insurance of civilian responsibility
-  unlimited run

Additional charges
The deposit of 500 Litas is taken from the tenant. The deposit is returend back if the following conditions are met:
-  the returned campervan is clean inside as it was handed over. Otherwise the charge of 200 Litas is taken for cleaning.
-  fuel tank is full as it was when handed over. Otherwise the charge of 200 Litas is taken.
-  there is no other damage made for the campervan.Full deposit is returned back after thorough checking of the campervan.

Conditions for reservation and payment
While making reservation of a campervan we charge 500 Litas paying money on account in 10 days after reservation was confirmed. In case the money are not received in term mentioned above, the lessor may rent campervan to other client. This charge is nor returend back in any case.
Full rental sum must be payed no later than 21 day before the start of rental period.The deposit of 500 Litas has to be payed in cash and no later than before taking the campervan. The campervan is not handed over if the full rental sum and/or the deposit is not payed. Every 2 (two) hours delayed to return the campervan are charged of sum equal to one day rental price.  

The full rental sum (except 500 Litas) is returend back when cancellation of the rent is made 21 day or earlier  before the start of rental period.
75% of the rental sum is returned back when cancellation is made later than 21 day before the start of the rental period.
If cancellation is forced by extraordinary circumstances (illness, death of family members or alike) the full rental sum is returned back. 

The tenant may drive abroad by the campervan. The lessor is responsible to hand over the green card (insurance of civilian responsibility) and the tenant is responsible to check if country(s) of his visit is(are) in the list of the green card. Otherwise the tenant must buy insurance before coming to the country(s) of visit.
The handed over campervan is with the full fuel tank and in good working order. The level of engine oil, water, tension of tyres must be checked every time when fuel is filled or before a new travel day.
In case you find any technical disorder of the campervan, please inform the lessor.
It is forbidded to smoke in the campervan.
It is forbidded to take pets in the campervan.
It is forbidded to travel by rented campervan to the places of war or natural calamity.
It is forbidded to take in the campervan narcotic substances, explosives, weapons and exceed the allowed amount of tabaco and alcohol.
It is forbidded to take more passengers than it is indicated by the campervan manufacturer.